Antique Sewing Machine Makeover

Hello again! Today I’m going to show you my antique sewing machine makeover.

For a while now, I have been keeping a look out for an old sewing machine base. I was lucky enough to happen upon one for $45! These babies usually go for over $100!

Antique Sewing Machine Makeover

This one needed a good cleaning. After wiping it down though, it still looked dull and rusty. I found a product called Rust-oleum Rust Reformer. It covers metal with a black protective covering that stops rust and allows you to paint over it. I liked the way it looked straight out of the spray can. The mat finish was perfect.

I did cover the Singer logo and the sides with blue tape. They still had the original gold tone I wanted to maintain.

The sewing machine base, obviously, came without a top. So I made one with leftover wood I had stashed away. It’s just a single sheet of wood with 1 x 2’s edging on three sides. Looks like a tray top. I stained the top with my favorite Dark Walnut.

The handles on the sides were a 50% off buy from Hobby Lobby. They have the best knobs and handles!!!

I attached the handles to the sides of the tray top with screws, and voila!

This project was simple, but the end result came out beautiful. I’ll be on the look out for more sewing machine bases!

Antique Sewing Machine Makeover

EDITORS NOTE: This article was originally posted on my blog “cuzthatshowiroll”.

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