Miniature Monday – Miniature Curio Makeover

Happy Monday! Today I’m going to show you a miniature curio makeover. I found this vintage piece in an antique store. The fact that I found miniatures at all was exciting, but when I saw this curio, I knew it would be perfect for an update.

First, let me tell you that I have done oodles of makeovers on normal size furniture. I had a booth at an antique for a few years. Finding pieces that would normally be overlooked and make them into something pretty and useful again is FUN!

Now that I’ve switched gears and opened Etsy store selling handmade miniatures, I can create whatever I want, when ever I want and it doesn’t cost me the same as a piece of furniture. By finding all ready-made vintage miniatures, now I can update and reinvent furniture that’s mini on my pocketbook too. 🙂

Here’s what I started with…

Miniature Curio Makeover

This is a Concord Miniature from the 70’s, I believe. It’s a great piece, just outdated. (In our ETSY store, all our furniture is more in the current era.) I removed the Plexiglas and sanded the whole piece to knock down some of the gloss.

Once it was sanded, I brought it to the garage to spray paint. It could have been hand painted with a brush, but I wanted a smooth finish, plus the spray paint I used had primer in it.

I gave it several light coat of spray paint. Take your time and go easy so there’s no runs or heavy spots.

Once it was try enough to touch, I brought it inside to dry more thoroughly in the air-conditioned house! While I waited for the paint to cure, I used the old Plexiglas from the back of the curio as a template to cut a piece of wood. My idea was to give the back of the curio an updated bead board look. The wood I used for the back was a basswood, 4 x 3/32 x 24, I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

Once it was cut to the right size, I marked off every 1/4 of an inch with a pencil on both ends for score lines. Then I took a ruler and a score tool (I think my tool is actually meant to add small decals to fingernails, but whatever works!) and made my lines in the wood. Just once or twice against the ruler is enough.

Next, the “bead board” piece was painted white with a brush and acrylic paint. I added glue along the sides and placed in the curio. Once the glue dried. I added small strips of wood to the top and bottom of the board to give it a finished look.

Again I used the old pieces of Plexiglas as templates to cut out new sides and shelves. The old plastic had yellowed with age.

Miniature Curio Makeover

It looks so clean and fresh now! I added mesh to the front door. I had a hard time finding wire that was small enough to use with miniatures. Finally I came across “Hobby & Craft Metal Mesh” at Hobby Lobby. Its perfect! Miniature curio makeover is complete!

Miniature Curio Makeover Before and After


Look for this miniature curio makeover piece in our ETSY store soon.




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