Miniature Making Tools You Already Have

Hello! Today I’m going to share some of my favorite miniature making tools. The ones I’m talking about today are items you probably already have around the house.

Legos. If you have children, you probably have oodles of Legos. I have so many Legos from my son (who is now in college)… we could probably retire.

Legos are perfect for miniatures when you are trying to square up small pieces of wood. They are perfectly right-angled. I use them for 90 degree angles as well as keeping two pieces of wood joined together exactly straight. I also use them when I need a piece of wood to dry vertically. Just stack a bunch together and put them on both sides of you piece of wood.

Tools for making miniatures

Clothes pins are another great tool to use with miniatures. Use them as clamps, as they are much more gentle on miniature wood than a regular clamp. I have several I use… a traditional wood clothes pin, mini clothes pins from a craft store, and small metal clamps I picked up at a craft store too. None was purchased with miniatures in mind, but they work amazingly.

Tools for making miniatures

Toothpicks, sometimes called cocktail sticks, are the handiest miniature making tool of all. They can remove excess glue from wood pieces you’re gluing together. (Fingers work awesome too, but that’s just me.) They also are perfect to use when you need to apply just a small amount of glue to a piece.

Tools for making miniatures

Cotton swaps (Q-Tips) are great for applying stain. They’re inexpensive, and you can just throw them away when you’re done. I can’t tell you how many paint brushes I have ruined because of stain. (And because I suck at cleaning my brushes in a timely matter! But that’s another story…)

Tools for making miniatures

Rubber bands are a fabulous tool when you need to hold pieces of wood together where clothes pins won’t work. Just wrap them around your piece and they will keep you item together while the glue dries.

Tools for making miniatures

There you go. Legos, clothes pins, toothpicks and cotton swaps. They are indispensable miniature making tools. You probably already have them around the house, but if not… they don’t cost a lot of money. Plus, no craft store needed. You can pick them up grocery stores, superstores and even drug stores. You don’t need fancy tools to be creative!

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