Vintage Trunk Coffee Table

Hello Friends! I came across a beautiful vintage trunk while scouring one of my favorite Antique Malls. I have seen many vintage trunks in my antiquing adventures, but this one caught my eye because of its color! And it was only $60!

Turning a Vintage Trunk into a Coffee Table

When I brought it home, I had not decided if it was going to live in my house or go to my own antique booth.

I’ve decided. 😉 It’s a keeper!!

It just needed to be a bit higher. Not wanting to just add feet directly to the trunk, (I couldn’t bear to drill holes in it!) I made a base frame for the trunk to sit on, then adding feet to the frame. I don’t have pictures of the frame, but you can see from the picture it’s a simple rectangle structure, a few inches shorter than the trunk, with a brace in the middle for support. The trunk just sits on top of the base, no damage done.

blue chest 2
Base and feet are stained with MinWax in Provincial.

blue chest 1

This trunk is one of my favorite pieces I’ve picked up so far! I may be redecorating the family room with colors to coordinate with the trunk! 🙂


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