Antique Sewing Machine Makeover

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I’ve been wanting a sewing machine base to makeover for a long time. They aren’t cheap. I came a across this sewing machine by accident. I guess you find what you’re looking for when you stop looking! This sewing machine base was sitting by it’s self outside a store that was having a moving sale. $45.00! These babies usually go for over $100! Happy dance!

Antique Machine Makeover

This one needed a good cleaning. After wiping it down though, it still looked dull and rusty. I found a product called Rust-oleum Rust Reformer. It covers metal with a black protective covering that stops rust and allows you to paint over it. I liked the way it looked straight out of the spray can. The mat finish was perfect.

I did cover the Singer logo and the sides with blue tape. They still had the original gold tone I wanted to maintain.

The top was made from wood I had stashed in the garage. I trimmed out three sides with narrow wood strips then used Dark Walnut stain on all wood surfaces.

The cool handles on the sides were a 50% off buy from Hobby Lobby. They have the best knobs and handles!!! I love Hobby Lobby!

This beauty never made it to my booth. I love it too much!

But I will be keeping my eyes open for another sewing machine base! Or two!

Antique Sewing Machine Makeover

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