Not So Southern Manners

I’m not a “Southern” girl.  I lived all but the first nine years in Florida and North Carolina, but I was born in the North, and that’s who I am.

While driving to the “Southern Christmas Show” with my friend Crys today, we got on the subject of manners. I told her about the time when I invited my fairly new, and very southern neighbors over for a cookout for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It wasn’t really “planned” party, more of an impromptu. It was early summer, so everyone was out on the deck chatting and eating.

While being the good hostess, making sure everyone was happy, I overheard a new neighbor whisper to another neighbor that she couldn’t believe I handed out paper towels instead of napkins. Seriously? I ran out of napkins. Big deal. It was either a neatly folded paper towel or their shirt sleeve. I was sure my perfectly folded paper towel was a better choice. Who makes up these “rules” anyway?

So while I’m telling my “born in the south” friend, Crys, my story of the rude neighbor, she looked aghast! YES! I felt vindicated. Apparently she thought that was a rude thing to complain about at a party they were so nicely invited to. Or so I thought…

“PAPER TOWELS!”, she said! “Oh no no no. That’s a big Southern don’t”, she says, (as she’s laughing hysterically)!  I was to have nice napkins on hand, always. And if it was more of an appetizers and drinks get together, then cocktail napkins are in order.

Well I’ll be a damn Yankee! No, a stupid damn Yankee! Ha!

This was the same party I made and served, a yummy Broccoli salad. It was a new recipe I was trying out. Guest complained about that one too. What is WRONG with my neighbors? Geeze!!

The recipe called for sunflower seeds. I didn’t read the recipe very closely. But did it really matter that the sunflower seeds I added to the salad were still in their shells? So it was a little crunchy. You’re going to complain about that too?

But good news… You have a big, neatly folded paper towel to spit all those shells out in to! How many shells would your little ole southern napkin hold? Not many I say. 😉


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  1. Let me say I am a Hillbilly,always thought of myself as a Southern Hillbilly,lololol but I do see it as” it is better to have paper towels than ones sleeve,lolololol ” so honey the next time buy the ones with the pretty print on them,and them give them a wink, 😉

    1. So you wouldn’t just chew on those seeds for the sake of your friend? HA!! Yeah, it was a bit embarrassing!! A mistake you only make once fortunately. 😀

  2. I am with you on this. Why on earth would you complain about your host when she has been kind enough to invite you. Whatever happened to spontaneity and generosity and most importantly enjoying the moment.

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