Rolled Sheet Music Christmas Wreath

christmas wreath 4Tis the season to be jolly! It’s also the season to get your craft on! My mind is spinning with ideas for Christmas decorations!

I had old sheet music left over from last year’s project, as well as a MDF wreath form. After spending an entire day making paper rosettes (and scalding my fingers with my “low heat” glue gun!), I have my first holiday wreath completed.

I found a tutorial for making the rosettes here. They are very simple to make, but really time-consuming. It’s a great thing to do while catching up on recorded TV shows! It’s also a fabulous thing to do if you just want to stay in your pajamas and make flowers in between naps, cuz no one is home to see that you aren’t “doing” anything “productive“. I’m not talking about myself here… just sayin. 😉

DIY Christmas Wreath from old sheets of music
MDF wreath form. And just a few of the many flowers needed to fill the wreath.
christmas wreath 2
I made some small red felt rosettes to help fill in empty spaces. Once all the flowers were glued on, I used Christmas garland (from Hobby Lobby) to trim the outside and inside of the wreath. Hot glue was used to attach the garland.
Music sheet Christmas Wreath
I may attach our last name initial to the center of the wreath. Still thinking on that.
Christmas Wreath made with old sheet music
The sheet music flowers are all different shades of old! Love that.  Except for the couple of dollars I spend on the garland, this Christmas wreath cost nothing to make. 😀

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0 thoughts on “Rolled Sheet Music Christmas Wreath

  1. It’s gorgeous. well done. I was thinking I could never do that, because I’m not that clever. When I read what you wrote about staying in pj’s and watching tv between naps I changed my mind. I have the flu atm. I might have a hunt around and see what supplies I have…

  2. I love it! Would you be willing to make one? I’d like to buy one for someone for Christmas! Please contact me and let me know if you would be willing. thanks!

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